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The Road to Happiness is Paved with Avant Garde Footwear

Some of you may remember this post, wherein I profess my undying love for the designs of one Mr. John Fluevog. Well, friends and total strangers, I did it. I done bought me a pair of Fluevogs. And Yea, Verily, They Are Beautiful.

The selection was a little overwhelming at first, but then a kind and gentle soul named Sean (or Shawn? Shaun? I’m so sorry I didn’t ask for the spelling of your name, please correct me if you are reading this!) helped guide me through trying on several pairs of delicious footwear.

And I did indeed end up buying the Miracles: Lourdes boots that I linked to in my previous post. At first, I was very, very afraid that the boots would not zip over my calves. But The Angel Sean did make it so. And he did assure me that could I not stretch them at home, they could assist me in the store with such a thing.

And Lo, they were purchased:

Me, with my hot boots and Sean (Shawn Shaun)


I’m pretty sure that the whole time I was at Fluevog, I had a giant piece of kale stuck in my teeth from my lunch at Real Food Daily. I think you can even see it in the above photo. Proving again that I am nothing if not All Class.

Words cannot express how much I love my smoking hot new boots. The leather is so buttery soft. I wore them all day Saturday and Sunday, and they have now molded to the exact shape and size of my legs. Like a glove, I tell you. I spent a good amount of time smelling them, too. They smell gooooooood.


Here’s a picture of my babies watching Breaking Bad:



And at the skate park:



And driving (note to self: vacuum floor mats):

Thank you, Fluevog, for making amazing things. Thank you Sean (Shawn Shaun) for being so amazingly kind and helpful [but you can totally tell me if I have food in my teeth next time, ‘s ok]. Also, learning that the Fluevog store can do layaway nearly made me weep with joy. Had I known this, my closet would have been filled with buttery soft pretties years ago. And armed with this information, I see a lot more Fluevog in my future.


Guess what you all can get me for my birthday and/or Christmas next year? Shooooooeeeessss.


5 Responses to “The Road to Happiness is Paved with Avant Garde Footwear”
  1. Emma says:


    Back in your original post of these shoes, I definitely stalked their website and drooled repeatedly on my computer over such a gorgeous foot-and-half-leg covering. I must have them.

    I must.


    • Emma, they are amazing and worth every gosh darn penny. Doooooo eeeeeettt! This particular style does run really small, however. I normally wear a US size 7 and the pair I bought are size 8. Also, the calf part is pretty narrow. I have what I would call “average” size calves and it was a little dificult to get them zipped at first. The good news is, the leather is really supple, so they could conceivably stretch a good inch or so. If you live near a Fluevog store, I would recommend a trip for a proper fitting, but I think they can do exchanges if you order something online and it’s not quite right.

      If you get them (or any others for that matter), send me a picture! SHOE PORN!


  2. Jessica says:

    I’m not even a shoe person, and those are BEAUTIFUL! A little steam punk-y and all kinds of gorgeous. Congratulations on your buttery soft new boots!

    (and I can’t see anything in your teeth 🙂

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