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the tree invades the house

We had a little too much excitement in our house last night in the form of a putrid rotten egg smell. Seriously, made our eyes burn. The Kid, the Boyfriend and I packed up and went to the Ex-Husband’s house for the night. (These are the times I am so glad to be happily divorced.)

Now, our house was built in 1923. And in the backyard we have a giant avocado tree that is probably as old as, if not older than, the house. This thing is huge Рtwo or three stories huge Рand produces large, creamy avocados  in the spring. I love this tree. It is the reason we chose this rental, and it shields our backyard from the prying eyes of our neighbors, provides shade in the summer, and is generally just lovely to look at.


So guess what was busting up the sewage pipes under the house?


Anyway, the issue (we think) is solved now. The plumber snaked the pipes and cut out the little tangles of tree roots, and we hope this will not be a problem for the rest of our tenancy.


So last night my ex and his girlfriend were so kind as to take us in so we didn’t have to breathe in the toxic fumes of our house. And they have this very fat, very cute orange cat named Stanley (we’re good friends, I call him “hunka burnin’ love”) who, when he walks/jumps/runs,¬† sounds just like a 300 pound man walking across a hardwood floor in a cave suspended above a canyon that is mic-ed for sound and rigged with amps. So there was that interrupting my sleep. But I still love the little hunk of a cat.


The other thing that was disrupting my sleep was my Kickstarter project. Oh Kickstarter. It’s only day two and already I think it’s love. And really, it is a little like new love. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. My stomach is in knots. I can’t think about anything else. There is a tangible sense of possibility in the air. I talk about it to everyone I know; I have a one-track mind.


I can no more control my nervousness/elation/nausea/excitement than I can control the root system of a 90-year-old tree.


Looking forward to Day 3 of my project, and to (not)sleeping in my own bed tonight.



4 Responses to “the tree invades the house”
  1. Excellent post– I am so glad to hear that you figured this issue out really quickly and I’m really happy about your Kickstarter project.

    Regarding the leak/older house thing– we had the same issue in our last house, but, get this– we didn’t know about it for eight years. The plus side was all the trees and chinaberry bushes were very green due to the leaks that we didn’t know about in the exterior clay pipes. On the negative side, eeeuuuuuuuuwww.

    Betwixt the leak, the hunka hunka burning love cat (AKA Stanley), and your awesome Kickstarter project, it sounds as though you had the most interesting Monday.

  2. bakingbarb says:

    OMG an avocado tree of your very own!!!! Ok sorry it was bumping the pipes around but wow I can’t get over the fact you have this ancient gift giving tree in your yard. I LOVE avocados, can you tell.
    Pictures, you should post pictures so I can drool.

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  4. Nice article, I’m also facing the same problem with 45 year old neem tree.

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