somer sherwood

surprises, everywhere

So when I’m not making over-priced hats, I’m enjoying time with my six-year-old son; or working at my day job (yes, I have one); or spending time with my partner-in-crime, Jeff; or folding laundry; or stressing the eff out while watching The Walking Dead (Do you watch it?! Most stressful show on TV, hands down); […]

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the tree invades the house

We had a little too much excitement in our house last night in the form of a putrid rotten egg smell. Seriously, made our eyes burn. The Kid, the Boyfriend and I packed up and went to the Ex-Husband’s house for the night. (These are the times I am so glad to be happily divorced.)

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classy broad & kickstarter sitting in a tree

It’s here! The Classy Broad Kickstarter project has officially launched!

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