somer sherwood

How to Talk to Your Kids About the Connecticut School Shooting.

I can’t even allow myself to think about this morning’s shooting in Connecticut for more than a few seconds at a time. Because this is my very worst fear — that something horrible will happen to my son and I will not be able to protect him — come to life on TV and through […]

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  Maybe, like me, you grew up isolated in a Midwestern town, before the internet was there to connect everyone, everywhere, to everything. Maybe you were a lonely, angsty young thing in the late 80s/early 90s who felt different and didn’t really like Top 40 radio. Maybe you wanted to DIY your own denim cut-offs […]

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The Road to Happiness is Paved with Avant Garde Footwear


Some of you may remember this post, wherein I profess my undying love for the designs of one Mr. John Fluevog. Well, friends and total strangers, I did it. I done bought me a pair of Fluevogs. And Yea, Verily, They Are Beautiful. The selection was a little overwhelming at first, but then a kind […]

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like a birthday, or a pretty view


Last week, the Ex-Husband got ahold of a Cintiq, which is this amazing monitor thing that you can draw on. And he spent a good amount of time turning photos of his favorite women (his girlfriend,  Emily McDowell; his best friend, Shelby; and me) into portraits in the style of Patrick Nagel, an artist probably best […]

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